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By Michele Arman

Story Published: Feb 6, 2008, Eugene, Oregon


EUGENE – A local ballet school is looking for a few good young men to join them in learning the art of dance.The Oregon Ballet Foundation is sponsoring a free dance class for boys. The class meets once a week and the workout is anything but child’s play.
It’s one technique after another for students learning the art of ballet. The classroom is a rigorous training ground for a dance form commonly associated with girls, but what make this class different, it’s strictly for boys.
“I’ve always love to dance since I was a little boy,” said 13 year old student Mayim Stiller.
Each Wednesday you can find this group of male students dressed in black tights and a plain white T-shirt at the Oregon Ballet Academy getting a serious workout. They’re all enrolled in a tuition-free class sponsored by Oregon Ballet Foundation.
“We just wanted to increase the opportunity and awareness for boys that this isn’t just a girls thing,” said Megan Murphy of the Oregon Ballet Foundation.
By having a “boys-only” lesson, instructors say they can focus on building young men’s upper body strength and increasing their flexibility; two important skills needed to pull of some complex choreography.

“They are required to do a lot bigger jumps and leaps with their lifts and feet and just different tricks then the girls are,” said Murphy.

“The stronger these boys gets the more I can do with them,” said John Grensback, the artistic director for the Oregon Ballet Academy.

While the class may break some stereotypes of who you’d typically seen on stage, many students say isn’t about taking a stand it’s about doing what you love.

“You can be masculine and all these different types of things and still dance,” said Nicholas Peregrino, a 20 year old student.

The tuition free boys ballet class still has room for more male students ages ten to 22. If you’re interested in taking center stage, contact the Oregon Ballet Academy for more information.

A trial ballet class will be held at the Oregon Ballet Academy on Wednesday, February 13th at 6:15 pm for interested males.




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