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By Jessica M. Sibley
December 5, 2008



For 2008, the Foothills Conservatory for the Performing Arts (FCPA) will be traveling to the Brooks Center at Clemson University on Dec. 12 and 13 to entertain their audiences with “The Nutcracker” as a ballet.

With a vast array of characters, the Seneca-based performing arts center has successfully recruited some of the best young talent around, and director Ginny Siano, couldn’t be happier, she said.

“This is a $30,000 production with backdrops from Grosh Scenic Design in Hollywood,” she said. “Our professional dancers are some of the best in the nation.”
Blane Mader, 12-year old dancing prodigy will transform into the prince, a leading role that encompasses difficult dance steps and plenty of poise. Mader, who is now training at the pre-professional level in the New Orleans area — his hometown — nailed the role during his stint at the Miami Ballet and plans to do so again at the Brooks Center.

“Last November I had a call from his mother saying they were in town and could her son come and take the advanced ballet class,” Siano said. “I thought she was crazy. She assured me her son was very advanced, so I said yes. She was correct. He was technically very advanced for his age.”

And Mader, even at 12 years old, has only been dancing for a little over a quarter of his young life.

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Scholarship winners 

May 30, 2008


Arts writer, The Advocate Magazine2008-outstanding-ballet-duet-aleah-sanchez-and-blane-mader


Blane Mader and Bre Ann Berger, two students under the direction of Kris Cangelosi, director of the Cangelosi Dance Project, 3749 Perkins Road, earned full scholarships to prestigious dance schools this summer.


Blane Mader, who studies classical ballet, received a full scholarship to the American Ballet Theatre in New York City for six weeks and two weeks in California.


The scholarships were awarded by the New York City Dance Alliance. NYCDA results:


NYCDA Outstanding Junior Ballet Dance:

Alyssa Braud, Blane Mader, Lauren Desemar, Aleah Sanchez


NYCDA Outstanding Junior Contemporary: 
Brooklyn Landry, Bre Ann Berger, Madison Bonaventure, Lauren Desemar, Meagan Desemar, Blane Mader and Aleah Sanchez.


NYCDA  Outstanding Duet: Pas de Deux:

Blane Mader and Aleah Sanchez


NYCDA Outstanding Ballet Solo: Variation

Blane Mader


NYCDA Outstanding Showmanship:
Blane Mader for Variation


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