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By Karin K. Jensen

Published: Thursday, 11 December 2008


Some consider ballet a feminine art, but don’t tell Alameda middle-schoolers Cameron Beene, Colin Brady and Harrison Royster. During this recent soccer season, the trio could be found practicing with Alameda Soccer League’s Red Star team, where they went on to win their league championship.

The winter months, however, are now reserved for Alameda Civic Ballet (ACB), as they rehearse their roles for ACB’s upcoming production of The Nutcracker. Beene will star as the Nutcracker Prince, and Brady and Royster will dance the roles of Captains of the Soldiers. As far as they are concerned, dancers are athletes as well as artists.

“I like ballet because it is smooth and flowing,” says Beene. “I like the way you can express what you feel in the way you move. The people involved are usually very nice, and then there’s the challenge of the combinations and working with a partner.”

And how does ballet compare to soccer? “I like soccer for many of the same reasons that I like ballet,” Beene says. “It’s challenging and fun. And I also enjoy the teamwork and individuality in both.”


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