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Nina Amir, author of  Mysoncandance has posted an informative 4-part interview with Duncan Cooper.

Below is an excerpt from Part 1:

I first met 38-year-old Duncan Cooper when [my son] Julian attended the New York City Dance Alliance convention in Santa Clara, CA, about a month ago. I was impressed with the choreography he gave the boys during his session. And Julian loved the choreography.

Duncan started dancing at the age of five, when he began taking ballet classes at Richard Thomas’ New York School of Ballet. At the age of 13, Duncan received a full scholarship to train at the San Francisco Ballet School. In 1989, bypassing the obligatory apprentice year, he was made a full company member. At 22, after three knee surgeries, he left this position and later took on a position as principle dancer with Dance Theatre of Harlem, where he danced for nine years.

In addition to teaching for NYCDA, Duncan now offers master classes around the country and teaches as part of the faculty at Alonzo King Lines Ballet in San Francisco, CA, both for the company and for its MFA program. He also offers choreography, occasionally performs…

— Nina Amir, Mysoncandance, Interview with Duncan Cooper, Part 1

Part 1: Your Son’s Dance Education

Part 2: Need For Technique & Movement that Tells a Story & Portrays Emotion

Part 3: Develop the Ability to Move with Emotion and Be Inspired by Dance

Part 4: The Issues and Difficulties Faced by Male Dancers (How to Make Choreography Your Own)

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