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Young dance star Kallum Snook is taking the first steps towards a real-life Billy Elliot story.


By Rory O’Keeffe
The Portsmouth News
17 July 2009


 Kellum Snook, 9, Manderley Dance Studio 2009
The Fareham nine-year-old has won a place at Eastleigh’s Royal Ballet School – a ‘prep’ school for the national Royal Ballet School in London – even though he started learning ballet only 10 months ago.

Kallum, a pupil at St Jude’s School, Fareham, started lessons last September after insisting his parents Paul and Leanne take him to Manderley Dance Studio, Fareham, when his younger sister started there.

At his audition for the ballet school in June, he beat youngsters who had been dancing from the age of three or four.

Kallum’s ability was noticed by ballet teacher Leigh Bushnell when he took his first exam in December, which he passed with the highest possible grade. She said: ‘Kallum’s ability is amazing. He has been dancing such a short period of time we’d normally never have sent him to an audition like that, but he’s very good indeed.

‘He’s done brilliantly to win this place.’ Mum Leanne said: ‘He’s always danced and performed at home. When he asked us to take him to lessons we knew he’d work hard. But I don’t think we knew how good he was. It’s up to him what he wants to do from here, but we’re very proud of him. He’s done fantastically and if he wants to carry on to London we will support him in that.’

And though some boys suffer bullying for dancing, Kallum, who also manages to fit in playing cricket for his school and football for a local side around his school and ballet commitments, says he’s had nothing but support.

He said: ‘The other children are all interested. They support me. My football coach likes the fact I dance and even my grandad comes to help, by taking me to lessons. It’s my favourite thing. I’ll have to work hard, but I really want to see if I can get to the school in London. I love to dance. I want to perform for people. My favourite film is Billy Elliot and it’s exciting to think I could do what he did in the film.’


Training Days

Kallum starts at the Eastleigh school in October, and will train there on Saturdays, while continuing to study at St Jude’s in Fareham.

He will also continue to dance at Manderley Dance Studio. The school will introduce him to the Royal Ballet School’s training system,

He can remain a Junior Associate until the age of 10, when he can either become a Mid Associate, or audition for the Royal Ballet School’s Lower School at Richmond.

If successful, he would study Classical Ballet, Character, Contemporary, Gymnastics, Irish, Morris and Scottish dancing, as well as studying for academic GCSEs.


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    • cloe snowden
    • Posted July 22, 2009 at 8:18 am
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    I know kallum because he goes to my school. His sister in my bff and she is going to my next school!

  1. he is my brother and iam proud of him he has worked hard! xxxxxx

  2. kallum has got into the white lodge xxxxxxxxx

    • slee
    • Posted February 7, 2011 at 9:17 am
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    kallum is doing really well and he is my best freind

    • fredey
    • Posted February 7, 2011 at 9:20 am
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    hey kallum how are you doing

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