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A teenager from Cheshire has completed his first term with the Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow


Michelle May, North of England correspondent
Sky News
January 03, 2010


Sixteen-year-old Daniel Dolan is only the third British male to train at the prestigious school in its 233-year history.

Ballet classes continued over Christmas but Daniel has been allowed to come home for a few days to see his mother in Widnes.

He admits the training is exhausting and told Sky News: “One class can wipe you out for the rest of the week and you just have to keep going to push through the barrier.

“You’re aching, groaning and crawling out of classes but by the end of the week you can feel amazing!”

Daniel’s talent was spotted when he was four and he trained at The Hammond performing arts school in Cheshire before being accepted into the Bolshoi in April 2009.

The academy in Moscow is regarded as the toughest ballet training school in the world and its male dancers are famous for their strength and power.


Daniel has brought hundreds of photographs home to show his mother who hasn’t seen where her son now lives.

Carol Dolan said: “He probably went away as a boy and came back as a man. He’s so mature.

“I have to stop myself because I’d phone him every night if I could. He knows I’m here if he needs me, but it is hard.”

The teenager is taking two hours of Russian language classes every day as his teachers and classmates can’t speak English.

Daniel’s training ends in May with crucial exams. If he fails them, he’ll be asked to leave and miss the opportunity to tour the world with the Bolshoi Ballet.


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