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Whangarei Leader
January 19, 2010


A Whangarei boy’s dream of dancing in a royal ballet is a step closer thanks to a scholarship worth up to $16,500 a year.

Aurelian Child-de Brocas, 12, has received an Education Ministry Aspire Scholarship, changing not only his life, but that of his family.

It’s three months since he received the letter congratulating him on gaining the scholarship to attend Corelli School of the Arts in Auckland, fully paid for the remainder of his school life.

“I thought there was no chance,” says Aurelian. Only 50 kids get chosen to go to a private school out of thousands.”

The Aspire Scholarship provides assistance for low income families toward the costs of private secondary schooling. It contributes up to $15,000 a year toward private school fees for the duration of a student’s attendance at the school. It also includes a yearly allowance of up to $1500 to cover course related costs.

Now the family of three – father David, mother Gayle and Aurelian – are on the move to Auckland after six years in Whangarei. “He is the only reason we are moving,” says Mrs Child-de Brocas.

Since mid-November the family has sold its home, bought one in Auckland and moved south on Friday.

On February 2, Aurelian will begin at Corelli.

Aurelian started ballet more than four years ago when he heard one of his friends at school being teased because he danced. Aurelian says he did not understand why they were teasing him so he took up ballet at the Northland School of Ballet to find out. He now loves the art of dance and is looking forward to being at a school where everyone understands his passion.


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