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The Canberra Times
Photograph by Karleen Minney
July 28, 2010


Drew Hedditch stood out from a young age. And it wasn’t because of his bright red hair.  It was because he has a talent for ballet, which set him apart from his competitors.

Recently chosen as one of eight finalists in the McDonald’s Ballet Scholarship to be held at the Sydney Opera House next month, Hedditch, 16, of Isabella Plains, never thought he’d like ballet, but developed a love for it over the years.

”It’s a sport for me; it’s the same as anyone that’s in a football team,” he said. ”It’s the same commitment if not more of a commitment.”

Lisa Clark, his ballet teacher since he was aged seven, said Hedditch had always been focused and committed. Now he was among the top four male ballet dancers in his age group in Australia.

”The scholarship is the most prestigious and the richest to be held in the southern hemisphere and has prizemoney of over $35,000,” Clark said.

Hedditch had to get through four rounds of competition and compete against 157 dancers aged 16-19 to reach the final. Now he’s one of four boys and four girls competing for two scholarships.

”Both winners will get $3000 each in cash and the rest will go toward professional ballet school tuition,” Clarke said.

”Drew’s got to keep working as he is now; we’re hoping he’ll go to the Australian Ballet next year.”

Hedditch is in Year 10 at Calwell High School and passed up an opportunity to be in the Australian Ballet this year. ”I wanted to be at home so I could finish Year 10,” he said.

He is tall, slim and agile and Clark said he had the perfect build to be a ballet dancer.

Drew is one of 11 boys in the Lisa Clark School of Ballet in Canberra and practises more than 25 hours a week.


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