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North-West Evening Mail
October 4, 2010

A DANCING dynamo could one day become Barrow’s own Billy Elliot.


Oliver Marriott has been learning ballet and tap for the last six years, during which time he has gone above and beyond any of his dance teacher’s expectations. The 14-year-old from Ulverston, who practices at Saxon’s Meadowcroft School of Dance in Barrow, has proved an exceptional student.

In the last three years alone, Oliver has passed 12 dance exams, receiving mostly distinctions and some merits. In July he passed grade six ballet and tap, reaching a level somewhere between GCSE and A Level standard.

Oliver’s dance teacher, Saxon Winship, says the feat is nothing short of amazing. She said: “Grade six ballet is a challenging, technically difficult, demanding exam, requiring dedication to the art of dance. It’s quite impressive to be able to get to that level at that age anyway, but for a boy of that age, and a boy from this area, it’s really something quite unique. I am so proud, not just of Oliver, but of Megan Thompson and Louise Danson, his fellow students who passed grade six ballet and tap, and all my pupils for their hard work and loyalty.”

Oliver, who also dances at Deemon Dance Studio in Barrow, is now working towards taking his Intermediate Foundation exams in ballet and tap early next year. Passing the exams would take his dancing to A-Level standard.

But Oliver, who has just started working towards his GCSEs, is planning to stay in school for the next two years. He then hopes to go to dance college to pursue a future career doing what he loves most.

Oliver said: “There are a lot of boys out there who dance so it will be quite a challenge to get to where I want to be. But if I could dance for a living one day, that would be brilliant.

“I just love dancing, I really do enjoy it. It makes me feel really happy.”


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