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By Juliette Bains
The Evening Courier
January 7, 2011


AN EIGHT-YEAR-OLD dancer is already on his way to achieving his dream after winning a place at the Royal Ballet School in London. Declan Walker, of Moor Close Road, Queensbury, has been a student at Whiteley’s Academy of Performing Arts in Halifax since he was three. He attends the academy five times a week to study ballet, tap, modern jazz, gym, stage school and musical theatre.

The Royal Ballet School’s Junior Associate Programme will nurture Declan’s talent and set him up for a career in the world of dance.

He said: “It felt great when I found out. My dream is to become a professional dancer.”

Josh Whiteley, manager of the academy, said: “Dancing is Declan’s life. He has never looked back or wanted to do anything else.

“Even aged eight, Declan gets a considerable amount of homework and still manages to attend the academy and never falls behind with any of his schoolwork.”

Mum Natalie Barraclough, 27, said: “We are chuffed to bits.”There were quite a few children that went for it but Declan was one of just seven boys who went through.We’re obviously very excited for him and I really think he will be famous one day.”


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  1. This young dancer looks well prepared to have a very successful training at The Royal Ballet School. Congratulations Declan!

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