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The Newcastle Herald
January 24, 2011



JARIEUS Wolf-Brooke has tumbled and forward-flipped his way into the Australian Ballet School. The 16-year-old dancer, who studied at the Marie Walton-Mahon Dance Academy, is also a keen gymnast.

He studied gymnastics at Glendale once a week in between dance classes and at last count could perform 10 backflips in a row. ‘‘Gymnastics requires a lot of co-ordination, fitness and strength and this has helped with my ballet,’’ Wolf-Brooke said. Activities on the trampoline, floor and bars built strength for ballet lifts.

Wolf-Brooke leaves today for the prestigious ballet school in Melbourne and is hoping to eventually be accepted into the Australian Ballet Company.

The former Glendale Steiner School student names Chinese dancer Li Cunxin as his inspiration and idol. Cunxin’s life, which progressed from poverty to becoming a principal dancer with the Australian Ballet, is recounted in his memoir, Mao’s Last Dancer, and subsequent film.

However, it was Wolf-Brooke’s sister Khadi, now 19, who first introduced him to ballet. Khadi, who is now studying dance at Queensland University, started learning ballet and her little brother would sit and watch her classes.

Jarieus commenced classical ballet at the age of nine and has learnt several other styles of dance.

He was accepted into The Australian Ballet School Interstate Junior Program at the age of 11 and has attended classes at the school in Melbourne.

This year Wolf-Brooke will move to Melbourne to study full-time. He also has plans to find a nearby gymnasium.


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