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Ms. Jeffers lives in Virginia. Her passion is dance. She is  studying Dance Education at Old Dominion University and teaching at Central Virginia Dance Academy.  Ms. Jeffers is a dancer, teacher, choreographer and writer.

By Sheena Jeffers
September 14, 2011

So you have a son! And your son wants to take dance! You as his parent may or may not have that moment of, “Wait… why dance? Why not football or soccer or hockey?”

Throughout my years of dance training and being a dance teacher, I have seen both sides of the spectrum. I see mothers and fathers who fully support their son’s decision to dance! They come in to observe his progress, they ask questions, they stay involved, they buy tickets to his shows. Then I have seen parents who make their son walk in and out of the studio by himself and he’s to meet them at the car when he’s finished. They pay their dance bill, but they do so with hesitation. I’ve seen the hesitation on those parents faces: Should I be funding this? Encouraging this?


Why boys should dance.   Read the full article:


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