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By  Gayle Worland
December 11, 2011

Madison is their hometown, but when teen brothers Quinton and Zachary Guthier get together every Wednesday afternoon, it’s in New York City.

Quinton, 18, and Zachary, 16, are in the unusual position of both studying at prestigious dance schools in New York: Quinton at the Alvin Ailey school and Zachary at the School of American Ballet

It’s always an achievement when you get to see a young person reach their dreams,” said artistic director Earle Smith of Madison Ballet, where Quinton and Zachary received some of their training.

“On top of getting exceptional training and exposure to all the different art forms, (in New York) they’re also in an environment with students who have the same goals and same aspirations,” he said. “Ballet is a very, very young and short career, so you need to grow up quick

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