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By Zoe Zellers
Westfair Online
December 30, 2011

The 30-year-old Smith is realistic about the dance industry. He’s seasoned in the tough audition process and its rejections, but he’s also earned great performance experience doing shows such as the Japan and North American tours of “42nd Street” and getting to work and travel at his favorite international spots – Tokyo, South Africa and Australia. Early on, Smith discovered a secondary passion for teaching dance as well as judging dance competitions regionally, nationally and in Canada for the past six years.

While Smith’s peers work as dancer-slash-waiters and Smith acknowledged that at a young age, it’s hard to plan an entire career out, he asked himself, “Why not hone in on another side of the art that can serve me in the future?”

Smith has found a way to dance almost every single day and pay the bills.

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