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By Tracey Romero,
Yahoo! Voices Contributor
August 5, 2012

Note: Boys and Ballet is mentioned in this article. Thanks Ms. Romero! –The Crew

I have to admit that when my oldest son was 3 years old, I automatically signed him up for the usual boy activities, soccer, basketball, and t-ball, not even considering that there might be other options besides sports for him.

When my middle son Gabriel was at the age to get involved, I just figured that he would follow the same path. Thank goodness for his twin sister. At four, she joined a tumble class and since there was another boy in the class, my husband and I asked Gabriel if he wanted to join too. At the school’s most recent recital I watched my shy, introverted son transform into a confident performer. Boys bring their own pizazz to the stage.

As male dancers gain more visibility in all male casts on Broadway like “Newsies” and movies like “Step Up Revolution,” hopefully more parents will see how the arts benefit all children, not just our little girls.

This visibility is not just in Hollywood or New York City though. It can also be found on the web. More news outlets are writing articles about how it is becoming more acceptable, and all male ensembles like “Against the Grain/Men In Dance” are increasing in popularity. On one site, a group of boys along with their parents have their own blog about ballet. There is even an online specialty clothing shop geared towards boys.

Despite all this, some boys still struggle with their desire to perform. “Everywhere you go there isn’t a real appreciation for boys in any of the arts,” said Thom McIntyre, creative director and owner of Philadelphia Dance Center in an interview. “It can be rough for boys depending on where they live. Parents need to be supportive.”

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