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By Sian Davies
The Plymouth Herald
March 25, 2013

From left are Caitlin Maby, 8, Hope Jago, 9, William Hextor, 10, Finn McSherry, 11, and Maggie Crossley, 9[Plymouth, England] – A DANCE school is celebrating the success of its young ballet stars. Five youngsters who attend Ballare School of Performing Arts, based in Saltash, have achieved success in different ways.

Eight-year old Caitlin Maby has gained a place on the Elmhurst Associates Programme which has links with Birmingham Royal Ballet. After succeeding in rigorous auditions to get onto the programme she will be able to attend local sessions in the city with a team of top professionals to teach her.

Finn McSherry, aged 11, gained a place on the same programme, as well as gaining a scholarship place at Elmhurst with Birmingham Royal Ballet in September.

Three other students from the school, Hope Jago, aged nine, William Hextor, aged 10 and nine-year-old Maggie Crossley were chosen to perform in last years Plymouth pantomime.

Principle of Ballare, Laura Fleet said: “We’re so proud of all of them. Finn has only been dancing for two years but he naturally had so much talent and he’s doing so well. He just turned round to his parents and said he wanted to take up ballet, they were absolutely gobsmacked. He has a full scholarship to go to Elmhurst in September and he is over the moon. He’s not fazed about going away from home at all.”

“Caitlin will really benefit from being on the Associates Programme too. She be able to attend Elmhurst classes in Plymouth once a week as part of their outreach programme. They’re highly desired with top teachers and it’s really difficult to get on.”

Laura also credited Hope, William and Maggie for performing in the pantomime. She said: “Plymouth is one of the biggest professional pantomimes and they were chosen from hundreds of children. They absolutely loved it. They submerged into this whole other showbiz world for five weeks, performing every night and missing school. It’s an amazing experience for them to have at such a young age especially as many of them want to dance professionally.”

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