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By Gail T. Boatman
Burlington County Times
May 22, 3013

Michael Matthews, 17, at home (photo by Dennis McDonald) 2013[Moorestown, New Jersey, USA] — Now 17, Michael Matthews likes to say he grew up in a ballet studio.

“My older sister took ballet lessons and when I was very young I was often brought along to watch,” he said. “I absorbed it.’’

Not too many years later, he donned ballet slippers himself. At first, it was just another activity for the young child, a hobby. Soon, however, its beauty and power were revealed during classes at the South Jersey Ballet School in Camden County and in Pennsylvania Ballet performances he attended in Philadelphia.

“By the time I was 13, my eyes had opened to the possibility of dancing seriously,’’ he said. “It was an evolution.’’

The hobby was becoming a passion.

Then there was the dream….

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