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TV shows inspiring boys to take up dance classes

Richmond News
June 21, 2013

Tanner March gets some posture pointers from Urban Dance’s artistic director Wendy Lee Riley (Photograph by John Correa) 2013

[Richmond, British Columbia, Canada] – They may have been split a decade apart, but their first ever dance instructor can immediately draw comparisons between Graham Kaplan and Tanner March.

Wendy Lee Riley recognizes the common bond between Kaplan and March – they had a fire in their eyes and a spring in their step in the early days of gracing the floor of one of her ballet classes.

Riley recalls with ease her first encounters with Kaplan as, 10 years ago, having more than one or two boys in her many dance classes was an exception to the rule. “We had a couple of boys, but not many in ballet,” said the Urban Dance Company’s artistic director.

“But since all those TV shows about dancing, boys are more open-minded about it. (Graham) was always very eager and definitely had a lot of talent, starting off in hip-hop; but it didn’t take much to push him into tap and then jazz and then ballet, when he realized how important it was.

“And I see the same thing happening with Tanner. I sat down with his parents and said to them, ‘if this is your son’s path, then ballet has all the technical foundation he will need.'”

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Cuba’s amazing dancing identical triplets, aged 13

BBC News Magazine
June 27, 2013

Identical triplets Marcos, Cesar and Angel Ramirez Castellanos stand at the barre at the start of ballet class at the National School of Ballet in Havana, Cuba 2013

Angel, Cesar and Marcos Ramirez Castellano have already defied the odds by their very existence, as they are a rare set of identical triplets.

But the three 13-year-olds are extraordinary in another way – they are all top young ballet dancers who made it into the elite feeder school for Cuba’s prestigious National Ballet.

Their teachers say that all three of them have the talent to forge successful careers in ballet, following in the footsteps of Cuban dance stars like Carlos Acosta.

Sarah Rainsford went to meet the triplets during one of their hectic days at school.


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