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Youngster has won a place at  Elmhurst School for Dance

By Kate Stenhouse
Nottingham Post
July 16, 2013

Matteo Rollini, 8, has been accepted into the Elmhurst School for Ballet  2013

[Nottingham, England] – When dancer Lesley Rollini had three sons, she never dreamed that one day one of her off-spring would be following in her foot steps. But her son Matteo, eight, took up the hobby just over a year ago and has already proved himself to be a budding Billy Elliot – landing a place at the Royal Ballet in Birmingham.

Mrs Rollini, founder of the Lesley Rollini School of Dance in West Bridgford, said: “Matteo has only been dancing with me for just over a year; he actually started with gymnastics and then he decided that dance was what he wanted to focus on.”

She added that despite her dance background, Matteo hadn’t always shown an interest in dance. “He started when he was very little, I took him along when he was about three to my little ones class, but I could tell he wasn’t focused and he didn’t really want to do it, so I didn’t pursue it.

“It was only as he got older, seeing his brothers build up, he wanted to do the same, and he’s the type of body shape for gymnastics, and they took him straight away and there’s some dance rhythm in gymnastics and he just started to enjoy it.

“Now, he asks to come along to all my classes, even my private ones.”

Matteo received top marks in his Royal Academy of Dance exams and has now been offered a place at the Elmhurst School for Ballet, in association with the Birmingham Royal Ballet, one of the major UK ballet companies.

Matteo will be taking up his place in September and will be balancing it alongside school at St Edmund Campion Catholic academy, with school during the week and ballet classes at weekends.

Matteo said: “I’m used to doing both and I prefer dancing anyway.”

In May this year, the Post reported on another of Mrs Rollini’s pupils, 11-year-old William Smith, who achieved a place at the Northern Ballet Academy.

Mrs Rollini said: “This is amazing and, for me, it’s a double whammy as it’s not only a pupil it’s also my son, and only having three sons, I never thought I’d get this.”

Mrs Rollini’s school is one to watch as her other up-and-comers seem set for stardom. She said: “I’ve got a little boy who comes to classes who will have to wait to audition next year because of his age, he’s only been with me a couple of months.

“I’ve got some beautiful girls, too, I’ve already approached parents about them. One girl, she’s beautiful and she’s one of those dancers that takes your breath away. Her mummy said to me, ‘you’ve changed my daughter, she now wants to dance for a career’.”

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Luke Spring, a tap-dance prodigy, takes the national stage

By Rebecca Ritzel
Photograph by Melanie Burford
The Washington Post
July 19, 2013

Luke Spring,10,placed third at the NYCDA competition (Melanie Burford) 2013

The future of tap dancing in America may rest on the small shoulders of a four-foot-tall, 52-pound, 10-year-old boy from Ashburn [Loudoun County, north of Washington, D.C.].

Luke Spring is a YouTube darlingwho is even more astonishing in person. Locally, he has been impressing the dance and theater community since 2010, but his fame has since rocketed to New York stages and national TV. Luke’s four-year career got another boost earlier this month, when he placed third in the Mini Division (for 7-10-year-olds) at the New York City Dance Alliance’s National Outstanding Dancer competition. Had the competition just been just tap, Luke would have won, wingtips down.

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Teenager awarded scholarship to Performers College

By Elizabeth Mackley
The Swindon Advertiser
July 25, 2013

Joey Goodwin,17, has won a scholarship to Performers College 2013[Wiltshire, England] – A teenager is taking his next step towards realising a childhood dream after winning a scholarship to a prestigious dance school. Seventeen-year-old Joey Goodwin is celebrating after finding out a chance audition last month has won him a place at Performers College in Essex.

“You always hope something is going to come out of an audition but it was a huge surprise,” said Joey, a student at the Judith Hockaday School of Dance and Drama. Originally I wasn’t going to audition this year; at the last minute I thought I would audition just for a bit of experience. Then I found out they wanted me and then they gave me the scholarship. It was a bit of an accident really.”

Joey competed against 80 other dancers during a gruelling day of auditions including a physiotherapy assessment, classes in ballet and jazz, singing and drama as well as an interview.

Now after winning the government funded DaDa scholarship, awarded to about 30 students at the college each year and which will pay for all his school fees, Joey is preparing to start the three-year course. He will continue to develop his tap, ballet, and modern dancing skills as well as drama and singing and taking part in numerous performances.

He said: “I’m very excited, nervous, but excited, and it’s all getting a bit closer. My dream is to be on the West End in a West End show, but anything to do with theatre and performing is what I want to do.”

Joey said: “I just want to say a big thank you to Miss Hockaday, she’s been absolutely amazing and without her none of this would have happened.”

Joey who lives in Oakhurst, started dancing when he was five years old learning Latin, ballroom, and street dance. When he was 11 he took up ballet, which is now his favourite style. Ever since then he has been working his way towards his dream of becoming a professional dancer.

As well as training eight hours every day in school and carrying out his own workout at home, Joey also teaches throughout Swindon and Oxfordshire.

Judith Hockaday, principal at the dance school in Old Town, said: ”I am really pleased. He’s a nice boy too and he’s worked really hard. He’s done an amazing amount since last September. He will be a really nice teacher too.”

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