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Nina Amir is the auther of My Son Can Dance. We are big fans of her blog.


By Nina Amir
June 19 & June 27, 2013


My husband and I firmly believe that one of the things that makes Julian such a good dancer is the variety of dance training he received but, in particular, the years of contemporary dance training coupled with his classical ballet training. This also makes him a more marketable dancer. Of course, a dancer most have an innate ability “to move” as well. However, in addition to the variety of places he received classical ballet training, we credit Teen Dance Company with giving him a sound foundation in contemporary dance as well as an introduction to modern dance. That program has now been taken over by its artistic director, Mark Foehringer, and renamed as Conservatory for Contemporary Dance Arts (CCDA) and continues to provide the same great training to teen dancers in the San Francisco Bay area.

I had the chance recently to speak with Mark about many topics of interest to young male dancers and their parents. I thought that conversation would be worth sharing.


Mark Foehringer on Preparing a Dancin’ Boy for the Professional Dance World (Part 1)

Mark Foehringer on Preparing a Dancin’ Boy for the Professional Dance World (Part 2)


Mark Foehringer is an internationally active choreographer and dance educator who has directed his San Francisco based contemporary dance organization, Mark Foehringer Dance Project|SF(MFDP|SF), since 1996. Foehringer choreographed and taught throughout the US and abroad, working with organizations that include: Rambert School of Contemporary Dance in London, Ballet Nacional del Peru, Ballet San Marcos of Lima and Cisne Negro Dance Company of Brazil. Outside of Northern California and the San Francisco Bay Area, Foehringer’s company has been seen in Aruba 1997, NYC 1999, 2000, 2005 and 2012, Peru 2007,2008 and 2012 as part of the US Public Diplomacy Program.

In 2013, Foehringer launched Conservatory for Contemporary Dance Arts, a training and mentoring program for dancers ages 14-21. CCDA has as its primary focus the preparation of dancers for university dance programs or professional dance opportunities.



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