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By David Cosgrove
The Hertfordshire Mercury
November 29, 2013

Spencer Vale, 10,  will perfom in the LCB's Nanny McPhee (photo by Vikki Lince) 2013[Hertfordshire, England] – A young ballet dancer has bagged a role in a West End show for the second year in succession. Spencer Vale, 10, has fought off hundreds of competitors to win a place in the London Children’s Ballet production

Flamstead End Primary School Spencer has been dancing since he was three years old and attends Step2Step Dance Academy in Fairways, Cheshunt.

His proud dad Dean explained that Spencer’s feat of getting into the show two years in a row was rare. Dean, 41, said: “The general consensus was that you don’t get in two years in a row all that often. It was very hard to encourage him and get him ready to do his best but not overdo it – but he did so well. Since he did it last year it’s really helped his confidence. That’s why we’re really pleased that he’s got in again this year, because it’s been so good for him.”

Dean admitted he was not sure where his son’s dancing genes had come from.Spencer’s 16-year-old sister Lucy, who studies at Goffs School, is also a keen dancer.Dean said he had allowed his children to follow their own interests. “I haven’t got the foggiest idea why they’re good at dancing. I’ve always been into motor racing and thought I’d be down at Rye House with Spencer. But from the age of three he got into it and it’s gone from there and we’ve just supported him in that.”

Spencer’s LCB fundraising page

Spencer will find out his role in the show in December when he heads down for the casting call and wardrobe fitting. He will then have to practise at rehearsals once a week until the show in April.

Dean, is looking forward to see his son take part in the performance of Nanny McPhee in Sadler’s Wells’ Peacock Theatre. After being involved with the London Children’s Ballet (LCB) last year, Spencer met celebrities including Hugh Grant and Emma Thompson.

Spencer is hoping to keep improving his ballet with a move to Tring Park School for the Performing Arts, if he is able to get a scholarship. Dean said: “The school is highly respected and very hard to get into.”

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