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By Jessica Malouf
February 7, 2014

Five-year-old Sulli (photo by Jessica Malouf) 2014My son is a dancer. He takes ballet and has for over a year. He’s five-years-old. I don’t think that he danced any more or less than any normal kid before ballet. Sure we had the occasional living room dance party but nothing out of the ordinary. But now, my boy is a ballet dancer. He can arabesque, passé, pas de chat, tendu, and assume 5th position like nobody’s business.

He started ballet last year after he and I watched an inspiring documentary about kids in ballet, including boys. All of the children were amazing, but the boys were breathtaking. After watching this movie I asked, “Hey Sulli, would you like to try ballet?” His answer was a simple and firm, “Yep”.

He delights in it. He spins, jumps, leaps, points, twirls, and creates bizarre and goofy movements with his body, all as practice to attain something beautiful.

I have a boy who loves to dance much more than throwing or kicking a ball. Stories of football players taking ballet to improve their game has changed the perception of males in dance, but only strengthened the stereotypes associated with a male dancer who dances just for the love of dance.

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