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Jack Prowse from Sydney North Ballet School loves the extra attention as the only boy in class (source News Limited) 2014

The Daily Telegraph
February 15, 2014

[Sydney, Australia] – He is a real-life Billy Elliot whose love of ballet was inspired by his sports heroes.

Jack Prowse might be the only boy in his Epping dance class, but far from being embarrassed, the 12-year-old from Wentworth Falls craves the attention.” When we have a concert at the end of the year we do our own class dances and I usually get the starring role,” said Jack. “I get centre stage so it’s a lot of fun.”

Jack’s interest in ballet came after he heard footballers use the dance style as a fitness measure. “I heard that a lot of AFL players and soccer players do ballet and I thought it sounded good,” the Hawthorn and Melbourne Victory fan said.

“I just thought ‘why not?’ and got involved. One boy at school calls me ‘ballet boy’ but it’s fun.”

Jack’s mum Kate said her son has yet to watch the hit Brit film Billy Elliot, which deals with the negative stereotype of a young ballet dancer, who eventually pirouettes his way to stardom. The film also inspired a namesake musical.

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