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by DaveTriesBallet
March 1, 2014

BalletherofantasyI think one of the biggest issues in encouraging young boys to get involved with ballet is convincing them that it is ‘cool’. It can be tough for boys starting ballet whilst still at school: they might experience bullying and name calling, or they may feel they have to hide what they do in their spare time. There is also (as always) simply a lack of boys dancing, which is such a shame. I think anything that can help make boys think it’s cool to dance therefore deserves a huge amount of support. Even if only the dancers themselves find it cool, it can be a great way to encourage them to be proud of being a dancer.

So before I go into a review of “Dan’s Adventure: Ballet Hero Fantasy (featuring Steven McRae)” I want to say this. If you are the parent of a young lad who dances, or if you are a boy doing ballet, then buy this! I think it is an absolutely huge step in the right direction of making ballet ‘cool’ and will be of great interest to any guys (and girls) who dance. I’ve put a link to the English translation on Amazon at the end of the post.

So what is Ballet Hero Fantasy? Well it is a ballet-themed manga (Japanese comic book) aimed at boys. There’s been ballet-themed manga in Japan for quite a few years now (check out this awesome piece by The Ballet Bag), including interviews with dancers and features in each issue, but it has been mainly for girls. When Steven McRae was in Japan performing a year or two ago, he was approached by a manga artist, Takafumi Adachi, who asked if he would be interested in working together on a manga for boys. Thus Ballet Hero Fantasy was born!

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