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male-ballet-dancer-leaping (allposters)

by Caz Makepeace
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January 10, 2013

I was captivated by him at the dress rehearsal. A teenage boy in ballet tights pirouetted and jumped about on the stage. His lines sharp and perfect, his muscles tight, his movements beautiful to watch.

I could not wait to see him dance the next day at the real concert.

Again I was captivated. It was not so much how he danced but the way he danced- like he was the only person in the room.

His spirit poured out of him as he twirled and jumped.

This is who I am.

I could not take my eyes off him because I recognized purity- someone living who their soul really wanted them to be.

This is who I am.

I was born to do this.

At the end of his solo, the applause was heartfelt and a few yelps were heard. Everyone felt the power that is so hard to define.

The light.

It’s the light that allows us to be unafraid, and to believe for a moment that we can live the same freedom and joy.

To be who we really want to be and not give a toss what others say about it.

Thank you for giving us the permission to dance and know who

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