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By the Boys and Ballet Crew

Rule #1: Too much pink makes a boy nauseous.

Rule #2: The girls’ bathroom is not a changing room

Rule #3: Hair styles and manicures are not good topics of discussion when there are boys in the room.

Rule #5: Boys play with dangerous toys.

ballet students

nutcracker, news and observer 2008

Owen Keith (middle) rehearses the Nutcracker fight scene as a member of the cavalry for Pacific Northwest Ballet 2010

Julian Mackay Pre-competitive NY Finals 2009 (12)

New Mexico Ballet Company’s 2013 production of The Nutcracker

Rule #4: Do not dress your boys like this….unless you want them to run.


           8a90d_68d6ed9d  Karen Forbes School of Dance boys-0

Rule #5: Boys are….

Peter Weil, 14,  as the Prince  - Behind the Scences at he Pennsylvania Ballet's Nutcracker 2011-02

Neglia Ballet Artists Nutcraker 2009

Marat Daukayev Ballet Theatre Spring Performance, Edgar Khachaturov 2011-02

Cole McMason, then 9, in last year's Studio West's Nutcracker

Pamela Hayes Classical Ballet Theater’s ‘The Nutcracker 2012

Ballet West Academy 2010 Spring Performance 03

The mischievous little mouse (Justin Souriau-Levine, 10) holds the nutcracker doll in ABT's Nutcracker 2010  pirate_and_gypsy

Peter Pan   86e85_e1cf    RBS 2009

London Children's Ballet's Rumpelstiltskin 2011b   Portland Ballet - La Boutique Fantasque (Pinochio)2009-01

86413_db8a   Mikhael Kinley-Safronoff 08

  Tanner Bleck, 14, danced in Next Generation Ballet's Summer Fantasy 2012  tumblr_049

7ddf9_25ce3a05  Rowan Lightfoot and Troy Tipple are taking to the stage with the English Youth Ballet 2013

0_8a914_894fd174_XXXLb  Goblin from Centralia Ballet Academy's The Sorcer's Apprentice 2012

Julian MacKay 2013     Lachlan Martin on What is Ballet

Rule #6 Girls are….



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