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Crawley News
April 8, 2014


Tristan Hayden, 11, will attend the RBS in September (Crawley News) 2014[Crawley, England] – An 11-year-old Crawley boy will be one of only 12 male pupils on an exclusive roll call this September as he prepares to join the Royal Ballet School. The world famous White Lodge, in Richmond, accepts only a handful of male students each year as “junior associates”, and Roshe School of Dance pupil Tristan Hayden is among this year’s crop.

But, despite his success, Tristan, from Lincoln Close, Tilgate, said he would count getting into White Lodge as only the second greatest highlight of his life so far. Even the prestige of making it into such a renowned school does not quite compare with his joy at realising another dream, when he attended comic book convention Comic Con in London this year.

Tristan, whose favourite character is Wolverine from the X-Men, said: “I think I like dancing and comics about an equal amount.

“I’ve got mixed emotions about going to White Lodge. I’ll miss all my family and friends but I know I’ll enjoy it once I get there. It’s like being on stage at the Royal Opera House – in the wings I get nervous but I enjoy it when I’m on stage.”

When he isn’t attending fan conventions and daydreaming about Marvel characters, Tristan studies ballet, modern, tap, jazz, musical theatre, and classical Greek and Irish dancing at Roshe, which is based at Felbridge Village Hall. He also attends Saturday morning classes at the Royal Ballet School in Richmond Park.

Tristan’s mother, Michele Jarrett, says her talented son is driven to succeed. She said: “He gets tired like any child gets tired, but I can count on one hand the times he’s said he didn’t want to dance. I don’t know where he gets it from. We’re not a dancey family. It’s what he loves to do.”

Rosemary Woodd, principal at Roshe, said that discipline is the key to Tristan’s success. “For any child to attain such a high standard they need to be taking a variety of classes and exams so that we can instil a sense of drive and determination and a goal to aim for,” she added.

“Whilst everyone at Roshe will be sad to see him go, we have done our job in preparing Tristan to be the best that he can be and we will see him regularly. He most certainly is a future ballet star and East Grinstead and Crawley should be very proud of this young man.”

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