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By Samantha Lewis
Tottenham & Wood Green Journal
May 15, 2014


[Joseph Hallett, 11, with Celia Purcell, author of Jonathan's Leap (Tottenham Journal) 2014London, England] – Joseph Hallett will have to get used to seeing himself on the shelves of bookshops up and down the country when a new book by author Celia Purcell is released next week. The story, called Jonathan’s Leap, is about a boy trying to follow his dancing dream, which is why 11-year-old Joseph was perfect to star on the book’s sleeve – he loves to dance.

Even though the Coldfall Primary School pupil, who lives in Bounds Green, said he is finding the experience “unreal”, he is enjoying showing the book around his school for all his friends to see.

He said: “I’m reading the book at the moment. It’s really inspiring. At points it makes me want to get up and dance myself.

“Hopefully with this new book I really want boys to be interested in ballet and not think it’s just a girls’ thing.”

Joseph’s mother, Nicky, who also has a passion for dance, took him to his first ballet lesson at the age of four. Since then he has continued to show a flair for the arts and he now takes acting, singing and dancing lessons at Kidz On The Hill Performing Arts School in Pages Lane, Muswell Hill.

The mother-of-two could not be more supportive of her son’s desire to be on the stage – unlike the character in Jonathan’s Leap, whose father is against him performing. “Who knows what will happen in the future but I think being on this book cover is a reason to carry on dancing,” she said.

“It has come at a really fantastic time for us because we found the whole secondary school admissions process quite a challenge and we didn’t get what we were hoping for, and it has been a real boost to him. It’s really lifted his spirits in a big way.”

Brent-based author Celia also could not be happier to have Joseph fronting her latest book, saying he has “such an air about him” and he “just fitted the bill”. She added: “I’m thrilled I could make a little boy very happy. It’s a very nice feeling that I’ve given him a zest for dance.”

Jonathan’s Leap will be available from bookshops next Thursday [May 22nd] , priced £6.99.


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