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Jarrad Gallagher and Branden Gallagher, 16, at rehearsal in Seven Hills (John Fotiadis, News Limited) 2014

By Elizabeth Fortescue
The Daily Telegraph
May 17, 2014


From breakdancing to ballet these syncronised twin brothers [Jarrad and Branden Gallagher] from Bidwill are now looking to take to the world stage. The sixteen year olds from Western Sydney [Australia] started dancing at the age of 12 as breakdancers but soon realised their true love was classical ballet.

In order to help their single mother pay for tuition they have taken on part-time jobs, busked and held a trivia night but now arts philanthropy program Ars Musica has stepped in to help them realise their dream.

Run by the Reverend Dr Arthur Bridge AM OAM, Ars Musica from Harris Park has granted arts fellowships to more than 200 young Australians including artists, dancers, musicians and writers. The organisation raises around $400,000 a year from the sale of indigenous artworks, self-generated activities and from donors.

The Gallaghers were spotted by Royal Academy of Dance examiner and teacher Marie Walton-Mahon, who told Rev Bridge she had found some extraordinary “raw talent” for Ars Musica to support.

“Every time I see them, they have improved,” Ms Walton-Mahon said. “Funding is going to mean everything to them to get to the next leg of their career.”

The Gallaghers – who were recently accepted into the Vocational Ballet College NSW at Seven Hills – are the first dancers in their family and took their mother by surprise.

“At first she was like, ‘oh, OK’,” Jarrad said.

“Now she sees we love it,” Branden said.


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