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Madison (14)and Ethan (10) Bailey will both be attending Royal Ballet School from September (Kent and Sussex Courier) 2014


By Kent and Sussex Courier
July 21, 2014


[Kent, England] – Talented siblings from Paddock Wood are attending the prestigious Royal Ballet School together. Madison Bailey, 14, successfully auditioned two years ago and has been at the school since 2012. Her younger brother, Ethan, 10, is now following in her footsteps and will be joining her at the school in September.

The Royal Ballet School is one of the top ballet schools in the world, accepting only 12 girls and 12 boys each year, and children from all over the world audition to gain a coveted place.

The two children, who honed their skills at 360 Dance Amberside, a dance school based in Pembury and Tunbridge Wells, look set to have bright futures. Their mother, Paula Bailey, said she could not be more proud of her children’s achievement. “This is an opportunityHYPERLINK \l “” that hopefully opens up doors for them, something that we as parents cannot give them,” she said. “They are both passionate about dancing and we do all we can to help them achieve their goals.”

Madison (14)and Ethan (10) Bailey will both be attending Royal Ballet School from September (Kent and Sussex Courier) 2014-02Tuition fees for the school are means tested and there are added costs such as travel and uniform, all of which have to be externally funded. The Baileys are hoping to find sponsorship to help cover the costs of Madison and Ethan’s training. “Madison recently went through 10 pairs of pointe shoes in a 12-week period so these expenses can mount up quickly,” said Paula.

Madison and Ethan have been offered the opportunity to dance onstage together for the first time, in 360 Dance Amberside’s summer show, ‘Pure Imagination’, at the EM Forster Theatre, Tonbridge School, in a bid to attract sponsorship and donations.

Principal of 360 Dance, Sadie van der Spuy, said the children were deserving of their success. “It’s exceptional that two children from the same family are offered a place at the Royal Ballet School,” she said. “We are extremely proud; they are both very hard working and dedicated children who are deserving of their success.

“Our summer show is a chance for the whole school to come together and it gives all of our students the opportunity to perform and celebrate their achievements and hard work. I hope that any interested sponsors will take the opportunity to see Madison and Ethan perform together.”

Tickets for 360 Dance’s summer production ‘Pure Imagination’ on July 27 are on sale now.

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