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Jamie Campbell, 12, is a student at the Dance School of Scotland (The Evening Telegraph) 2014


By James Masson
The Evening Telegraph
November 6, 2014


[Perth, Scotland] – A talented Tayside ballet dancer will be entertaining audiences in Edinburgh and Glasgow this Christmas. Jamie Campbell is only 12, but is already being tipped to dance his way to the top.

And, if he does, Perth’s answer to Billy Elliot will say a huge thanks to his mum Fiona, sister Kaitlin, and Brooke Bell of the city’s Inspire Dance Studios. All three women have been major influences on Jamie, whose family lives in Muirton Park in Perth.

Fiona has scrimped and saved to make sure Jamie gets the best possible chance of success and Kaitlin, 18, a winner of British and European Freestyle Championships, has also been a source of inspiration and encouragement.

When he was just five, Jamie accompanied Kaitlin to her dance classes at the city’s Trio Stage Academy and would have a go at her routines.

Dancing teacher Brooke spotted Jamie dancing in the shop his mum works in one day and suggested to her that he should join some of her classes. Fiona said: “Brooke told me I couldn’t let Jamie’s talent go to waste and I’m glad I took her advice.”

Jamie is now a pupil at the Dance School of Scotland in Glasgow, where he spends the week, returning to Perth at weekends.

The talented youngster has landed a role in the Scottish Ballet’s Nutcracker this Christmas. He will share the main child’s role of Fritz with another dancer.

“While other young lads were out playing football, Jamie was watching gymnastic routines on YouTube and perfecting them in the house to help him in his dance career,” said his mum.

“He’s only been at the Dance School of Scotland for a few months, but he has already won gold stars for modern dance and ballet. He gets home every weekend and, rather than relax, it’s just dance, dance, dance for Jamie. I think he was born to dance. He’s so focused and dedicated.

“It’s a big thing for a 12-year-old to be away from home five days a week, but Jamie is taking it in his stride. He’s very busy in rehearsals for the Nutcracker at the moment.

“Kaitlin, Brooke and I can’t wait to see it.”


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