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By Rosemarie Kempton
Napa Valley Register
December 10, 2014


Amanda Mooney as Clara, and Cameron Surh, as the Prince, rehearse for the Napa Regional Dance Company's The Nutcracker (Napa Valley Register) 2014[Napa, California, USA] – Ballet is not easy. It takes years of disciplined practice to gain the strength to execute the graceful movements onstage that appear effortless to an audience. With nine years of ballet training under their belts, both Cameron Surh and Emmett Moore have acquired the physical power and technical expertise to perform lead roles in Napa Regional Dance Company’s 14th annual presentation of “The Nutcracker.”

Emmett Moore, right, who dances the role of the Nutcracker, rehearses with Amanda Mooney (Napa Valley Register) 2014Surh, who will be dancing the role of Prince, is the first Napa Regional Dance Company student to have this role. In the past, the dance company had to hire a professional dancer for this demanding part. The 15-year-old Napa High School student has mixed emotions about his role. “For me it is incredibly nerve-racking and exciting all at once,” Surh said.

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