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By Nina Amir
My Son Can Dance

In every dancin’ boy’s life (and girl’s life) there comes a point when it’s time to say goodbye to the current studio. It’s never easy, but the change must be made if your son is going to progress.

How do you know if that time has arrived? Here are a few signs to watch for.

10 signs to watch for:


Ms. Amir concludes with an important point: Last, and I make this point separately to stress it, if the studio does not help your son dance like a man and treat him like a boy, not like one of the girls, take him out of class. Boys should not be dressed in pink tights and leotards. They should not be given girly costumes on competition teams (or forced to wear makeup if they hate it), and they should not be told to dance in the same way a girl dances. The female ballet, jazz and tap teachers should know how to help the boys dance like boys. If they don’t know how to do this, find a studio that has teachers that do, or find one with male teachers.  At a minimum, take your son out of those classes and find a private instructor who can do this for your dancin’ boy.

We agree whole heartily; read our post: Boys Rule

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