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Mom, dad and 3 sons involved in Nutcracker production


CBC News
December 18, 2014


Orlando, 9; Victor, 16; and Lorenza, 13, all have roles in The Nutcracker. Their parents also work in the production[Saskatchewan, Canada] – For one Regina family The Nutcracker — the ballet production that is a holiday classic — has become a family affair. Julio, Shaylene, Victor, Lorenzo and Orlando Salazar have roles to play on stage and behind-the-scenes.

“We have a lot of fun and we can talk about it after,” Victor Salazar, 16, told CBC News. “It’s just a lot of family time together.”

His parents, Julio and Shaylene, have been involved in the show for several years. Then Victor earned a role in the ballet’s ensemble and — this year — his younger brothers also landed parts.

“It’s very special that we are able to do that,” Julio Salazar, the boys’ father, said. “I think as parents we would like to have that connection with our kids in some manner during our relationships. So hopefully this is something that we can some day look back on and say those are some of the most special moments.”

While the Salazar boys and their father have on-stage roles, Shaylene Salazar is part of the production’s behind-the-scenes team.

“Having fun, that’s really the main thing of this production,” Lorenzo Salazar, 13, said. “I just love it. I can’t really describe it.”

This season’s Nutcracker ballet was presented at the Conexus Arts Centre in Regina.


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