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Two years ago Google changed how it indexed the web. The old Google search engine indexed over 4,000 news sites worldwide. Searching for stories was quick and easy. The new search engine uses a different set of parameters. To find stories today requires multiple search terms, which is time consuming. The fathers who trawl the web are unwilling to commit to such a time consuming project.

Several fathers have agreed to keep the site going but with the understanding that they will only spend a couple of hours a month trawling the web.

The boys are enthusiastic. They want to keep Boys and Ballet alive. We are counting on them to encourage their fathers.

During the months of inactivity, our friends have bookmarked over thirty stories. It will take a while for the boys to get them up on the site.

You can help keep the site updated by sharing links to stories.


  1. what ages of boy storys are you looking for there are 3 boys in our studio

      • Boysballet
      • Posted May 11, 2015 at 6:06 pm
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      The site has always drawn on the fathers and sons of a particular ballet school.

      If the boys from your school want to contribute, the best way is to share links to stories or blog posts that interest them. We also accept guest posts.

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