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By Nicole Leonard
The Press of Atlantic City
February 20, 2015


Spencer Wetherington[New Jersey, USA] –  Spencer Wetherington wakes up at 6 a.m. every day for school. He gets dressed, eats breakfast and is out the door with his dad by 7 a.m. to drive 20 minutes to a bus stop.  The 16-year-old said he could get on a bus closer to his house, but that would require an earlier wake-up time, and sleep is hard enough to come by these days. Such is the life of an aspiring professional ballet dancer.

A high school junior, Wetherington spends a full day of classes at St. Augustine Preparatory School in Richland, Buena Vista Township, before riding the bus home to Upper Deerfield Township.

If it’s a Thursday, Wetherington has about a half hour to grab a bite to eat and change before getting back in the car with his mother for a 45-minute ride to Philadelphia. Dance class at Philadelphia Ballet School starts at 5 p.m. and is followed by Pilates, technique work and partner classes. By the time he gets home at 9:30 p.m., he still has homework to complete.

“A lot comes on at once, especially sitting in a high school career. The logistics of it all is very difficult,” Wetherington said. “Training is time-consuming, and there’s a lot of time in the car. But I love it, so I’m not complaining.”

Since he was 11 years old, Wetherington has trained with professional instructors at the Burklyn Ballet Theater in Vermont, the School of American Ballet in New York City, the Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington, D.C., the Rock School for Dance Education and at his current school in Philadelphia.

The teenager’s hard work and dedication have paid off. Right now, he is packing, getting his travel documents in order and arranging flights and accommodations to spend two weeks dancing with the internationally renowned Bolshoi Ballet Company at its academy in Moscow starting Saturday [February 21st].

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