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By Gaby Bissett
Hertfordshire Mercury
April 17, 2015


William Davolls, 11, with his dance teacher Caroline Crowley (Hertfordshire Mercury) 2015[Hertfordshire, UK] – A schoolboy has been selected from hundreds to earn a place at a top dance school. William Davolls, from Watton-at-Stone, has earned himself a place at Elmhurst School of Dance in Birmingham – an opportunity that costs £30,000 per year to fund. The 11-year-old, who attends St Joseph’s Primary School in Hertford, is one of just six children out of 1,000 youngsters who auditioned for places.

The dance school works in partnership with Birmingham Royal Ballet, which William has dreamed of performing with all of his short dancing life.

He has been offered an aided place at the dance school, which are allocated to the most talented children and significantly reduce the cost to parents”.

Disciplined William follows a strict routine of getting up early each day to do his stretches to prepare for the day ahead. He said: “It means the world to me, really. Well, the universe. It’s hard when you first wake up but over time you get used to it.”

William has been ballet dancing since he was six years old and has worked hard to become one of the best

His mother, Ronya, who works as a teacher, said: “I am really proud of him because he works extremely hard. He is up at 5.30am every single day and he stretches each day before school. He even stretches when he comes home regardless of whether he has a lesson or not. He has had to make that decision on his own. He loves to dance. He dances everywhere, he leaps through Sainsbury’s when I do my shopping.”

William attends Carter School of Dance four days a week, which is based in Hertford’s The Sele School. It trains around 200 young dancers in the area.

The director of the school, Caroline Crowley, said: “I just think he’s absolutely fantastic. He has worked very hard and is a very talented young boy and it’s the right place for him to go because he has such an enormous talent. It’s an amazing opportunity and it’s very, very competitive to get a place, they’re like gold dust.”

She added: “It’s the perfect school for him because the training will be excellent and the ethos of the school will suit his personality.”

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