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By Deborah Searle
February 18, 2016



Brady Farrar (Farrar)10-year-old Brady Farrar is one to watch. Training at Stars Dance Company in Miami, the young dance prodigy and Capezio Athlete just won the Hope Award at the Youth America Grand Prix Semi-Finals in Atlanta. Brady is now busy training for the New York City Finals, at which he will be a serious contender for first prize after winning Mini Outstanding Dancer at New York City Dance Alliance (NYCDA) and Mini Best Male Dancer at The Dance Awards in the last two years.

Fresh from performing at the YAGP Tampa Gala and from competing in Atlanta, the focused, yet humble, young man spoke to Dance Informa about his dance dreams and his journey thus far.

Last year you won Silver in your age division at the YAGP Finals in New York City. How did it feel?

“I felt overwhelmed at first, but then I was like, ‘Yessssss!’ It’s so cool, because everyone from all over the world was there. I was like, ‘Wow!’ I didn’t expect to get anything. I was like, ‘Really? I got this? Oh my.’”

Are you wanting to go for the Gold this year at the Finals in New York?

Brady Farrar (JP Photography)“Yes!”

What do you think is your strength as a dancer?

“Probably jumps and flexibility.”

What other competitions have you been competing in lately?

“I went to NYCDA and JUMP Convention (Break the Floor). I’ve been to Adrenaline too. I haven’t been to too many this year yet because it’s early in the year, but I hope to be going to more, like nationals.”

At Stars, you do a homeschool dance program. What is it like?

“Well, most kids go in to do homework from 8-9 am. There’s an optional yoga class, and if you don’t want to do that, you do school from 8-10 am. And at 10 am, there’s one ballet class from 10 am to 12 pm and then a 30-minute break. And then from 12:30 to 2:30 pm, there’s another ballet class. And at 2:30 to 5:30 pm, we do more school. And then from 5:30 pm on, we have the night classes until either 8:30 or 9:30 pm.”

Wow. So how many hours a week do you dance?

“Probably like 40 or 30 – something like that. It’s Monday to Thursday, leaving the weekends free for competitions and conventions.”

Brady Farrar (from Brady's Gallery at


What is it about dance that you really love? Why do you put so much time into dance?

“I think it helps me express how I feel. If I’m tired, I’ll dance kind of tired. And if I’m really energetic, I’ll dance happy and do some jazz. And if I’m sad and going through a rough time, like an elderly person is sick, I’ll dance really sad.”

Do you prefer ballet or contemporary?

“I like both. I can’t decide which I like better.”

Do you aspire to become a professional dancer?

“I want to be a professional dancer. And I want to be in a company, maybe like The Royal Ballet or somewhere around the world.”

Are you thinking a traditional ballet company or a contemporary dance company?

“A traditional ballet company.”

You won the national title of Mini Outstanding Dancer at NYCDA last year, and got a chance to model for Capezio as part of the NYCDA Model Search. The photo shoot was on the roof of the iconic 51st Street NYC store. What was that like?

“It was really fun because it was so high and I could feel the wind and see all of New York. It was so cool. I was with my friends, too. Capezio gave me lots of clothes and I wear the shoes all the time.”

What is it about Capezio clothes and shoes that you really like?

“They’re just so comfortable. They’re warm and some are tight fitting and some are loose and you can’t find that in other brands. [In other brands] there’s like one size for boys, or no half sizes, and they might be too big. But they fit it right to me with Capezio.”

Besides dance, what else do you like to do?

“I love to go shopping, I love swimming and I love building Legos. I also like playing with my brothers and going on vacation.”


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