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City ballet dancer, 11, on the road to fame


Faahkir Bestman, 11, at the Eoan Group School of Performing Arts (David Ritchie) 2016-01


By Robin Henney
Cape Argus News
February 9. 2016


At just 11, Faahkir Bestman has already studied ballet in London, secured a spot at the American Academy of Ballet Summer School for Excellence and is set to perform in the South African International Ballet Competition later this month.

He is due to jet off to New York in July to attend the summer school.

Faahkir Bestman, 11, at the Eoan Group School of Performing Arts (David Ritchie) 2016-02b_resizedAbeedah Medell, the director of the Eoan Group School for Performing Arts, said she was extremely proud of Faahkir. Described by Medell as “a humble, quiet and beautiful person”, Faahkir has been dancing since the age of two to entertain his six-year-old sister, Abeeda. “How do you deny someone who dances to make someone else’s life better?” Medell asked.

Faahkir, from Hanover Park, lives with his 61-year-old grandmother, Aysha Bestman, and 10 of his relatives, including his severely disabled sister, in a two-bedroom council flat. According to Bestman, Faahkir feeds, cleans and entertains his sister, who is “his main reason for performing”.

Faahkir Bestman, 11, at the Eoan Group School of Performing Arts (David Ritchie) 2016-04

Faahkir was awarded a scholarship at the Eoan Group School when he was nine. Medell saw him dance and immediately called the chairman to recommend him for a scholarship. “The ballet world needs a Faahkir,” Medell said.

In July last year, he flew to London to attend the Royal Ballet Summer School. Medell said despite his age and finding himself overwhelmed at times, Faahkir came out top of his class. He was one of two boys to obtain a certificate of excellence.

Faahkir Bestman, 11, at the Eoan Group School of Performing Arts (David Ritchie) 2016-05

A crowdfunding venture managed to raise enough money for his upcoming New York trip. He hopes to one day join the Royal Ballet in England.

“I want to travel the world. I want to dance in front of Queen Elizabeth,” he said.

Faahkir practices ballet and modern dance at the Eoan Group during the week. Medell could not contain her excitement for the ballet star’s bright future. “He only practices ballet three times a week and this is only his third year of training. With the right opportunities, imagine what he could be capable of.”

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Cape Flats boy’s dance moves earn him the Billy Elliot label

By Tanya Nedft
eNews Channel Africa
March 11, 2016


[Cape Town, South Africa] – – A 12-year-old boy is dancing his way from the dusty streets of the Cape Flats to the Big Apple. He’s earned himself a spot at the prestigious American Academy of Ballet Summer school after impressing the judges at an audition.

Faahkir Bestman’s love of dance started at the tender age of 2. He has since been dubbed the Billy Elliot of the Cape Flats, recently winning gold at the International Ballet Championship. Now he’s been chosen to jet off to New York perfect his skill even more. Watch Tanya Nedft’s full report in the video below:



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Hanover Park’s ballet sensation leaps onto world stage


By Qama Qukula
March 14, 2016


[Capetown. South Africa] – Faahkir Bestman is a LeadSA Hero who came to fame for his passion and skilled performance of ballet, despite the odds.

The 12-year-old boy from Hanover Park is leaving the Cape Flats for two weeks in July to study dance at the acclaimed American Academy of Ballet in New York.

The academy awarded him a 25% scholarship and R30 000 was raised through a crowd-funding documentary that was created by two filmmakers.



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