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My son and his friends have trawled the internet looking for stories about boys. They have chosen these article for you to read.

For easy download, right click on link and choose “save target as.”
All Documents are Microsoft Word.
A Family with a Supporting Role (11-06-02)
A Passion to Dance (8-24-03)
Ballet Students Talk About Billy Elliot (11-1-00)
Ballet’s Family Tree Branches Out (12-03-02)
Boys Do Take Ballet (7-13-01)
Boys Inspired by Billy Elliot (4-22-02)
DANCE – Where Boys Can learn to Shape Up ( 5-28-00)
For Boys, Ballet is Slowly Losing Its Stigma (11-26-00)
Ignoring Taunts Boys Belly Up to the Barre (1-3-99)
In ballet, youth turns unruly streak into art (12-16-02)
It is Like Electricity, Like Magic (10-01-00)
Jamie Bell – A Real Life ‘Billy Elliot (10-25-00)
Living in the Moment – Dancing to a Dream (11-03)
London Children’s Ballet ‘The Prince and the Pauper’ (5-03)
Music School Jocks
Nottingham Boy Not Afraid to Dance (10-13-00)
Nutcracker Yields small, savory parts for Young Dancer (12-02-03)
PNB Nurtures Boy’s Talented Passion for Dancing (12-26-94)
Rite of Spring and the Boys of Summer
Teasing of Young Male Dancers is a Thing of the Past (3-5-03)
The Boy Who Became the Real Billy Elliot (10-2.00)
The Breakdancer Who Became a Prince (6-28-03)
The Nutcracker ‘Sweet’ for This Dancer
This Nutcracker is For Boys (11-28-03)
These Party Boys Like to Dance (12-6-00)
Twin Boys to Appear in LCB’s Prince and the Pauper (5-03)
Twin Boys Win Leading Ballet Roles (4-13-03)
Twins to Star in Ballet (4-13-03)
Youngsters have fun in Ballet Pacifica (12-7-00)
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