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By Josh Skapin, Echo Editor

The Airdrie Echo

March 18, 2009



One evening, Quinton Velcic was watching television and took notice of a commercial advertising auditions for the famed performing arts group, the Young Canadians.

It made him remember a grandstand show from a few years ago where he saw the group perform live. “I remember thinking ‘that is so cool, I really want to do that.’” Quinton said.

He approached his music teacher at school, and asked for help.

The audition for Young Canadians was a bit of a nerve-racking experience for the now 12-year-old student at Our Lady Queen of Peace. “There were a lot of kids there,” he said, adding that prior to that experience he had only sang publicly infront of the comfortable company of friends and family. But things went well.

“When I first went in, I did pretty good and was really excited.”

He received a call-back to perform once again. After a short wait, he was told that he made the cut, and was handed a booklet on club rules.

Aside from honing his on-stage skill set, Quinton has taken a lot from his experience with the group. “It has given me lots of discipline,” he said, adding that meeting new friends with similar interests has also been a perk.

A regular week for Quinton includes three days of rehearsals, meaning he needs to be in Calgary Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. “I have to make sure at school that I get my homework done and am all clear for that night, so I don’t need to worry about getting stuff done the next day,” he said

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Rehearsals include three classes, vocal, ballet, and jazz.

While Quinton looks forward to many fond memories with the Young Canadians, the moment that stands out in his mind so far is the first time he hit the grandstand stage.

“With all the parents and getting on my makeup and finally being infront of a huge audience, that was great,” he said. “I was nervous until I got on stage, but after I did my first number I was like, ‘this is pretty cool,’ and I was good for the rest of the show.”

Presently, the Young Canadians are hard at work on their Spring show, set to debut at the University of Calgary’s MacEwan Hall March20. “We’re in long rehearsals to get it done,” Quinton said, of the show entitled Heartbeat, which he describes as being, “a show about love.”

Quinton belongs to the Young Canadians apprentices, which indicates the experience of the performer. The apprentices will be featured in a couple of numbers based on the movie Grease, in addition to a show inspired by Tarzan.

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