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by Emily Clark
March 4, 2011

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No other US Men’s figure skater has ever won 2 novice titles. That is except for Nathan Chen. This local talented kid is only 11-years-old and is already dominating the skating world.

Nathan’s coach Genia Chernyshova explains what makes Nathan so phenomenal. She said, “There are very few people – maybe one in a few thousand skaters who can do what he does at the age of 11.”

Nathan started skating when he was only 3 ½ . Now, he skates 2 hours a day every single day. You may be wondering, what makes this little man so incredible? His coach and mom say it is his work ethic and concentration.

Coach Genia said, “He’s an extremely talented kid – physically, mentally, and emotionally. He has no attitude problems and an extreme work ethic.”

Nathan’s mom Hetty said, “Lots of his teachers and coaches were very surprised. Since he was very young he can stay focused for a very long time.”

While his intense training may seem like quite a bit. That’s just the beginning. Nathan also plays the piano, takes gymnastics classes and he does ballet. Each day he goes to school, skates for two hours, does one of his other activities, homework and finally gets to bed around 10. He repeats that every single day. This star is always going.

Nathan found skating by chance. He wanted to play hockey like his big brothers, but his Mom had a different plan. Hetty said, “When he started – he wanted to play hockey and I said you have to know how to skate then you can play hockey.”

They stumbled upon a talent so rare, so inspiring – all inside his little body. Coach Genia said, “He has all of the tricks people do when they are 20.”

Back to the Hockey: The fact he can do both sports is pretty unreal. Each sport’s skate is built very different; this makes it nearly impossible for somebody to do both. But not Nathan, for him it’s no big deal. Nathan said, “You just the balance you just have to keep a good balance when you skate.”

Next up for Nathan? The possibilities appear to be endless. His coach tells us he excels at everything she throws at him. So – they’ll just keep going. Nathan hopes someday that will take him to the Olympics. One very talented kid, right here in Utah.

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