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  My son and his friends have trawled the internet looking for stories about boys. They have chosen these article for you to read.

  For easy download, right click on link and choose “save target as.”
  All Documents are Microsoft Word.
  A Nutcracker Family (12-04-05)
  A Portrait of the Dancer as a Young Man -in pain (9-5-04)
  An audience with the Billy Elliot boys (2-2-06)
  Aussie ballet – It’s a Bloke Thing
  Ballet Brothers Keep It in the Family (7-19-06)
  Ballet Helps Boys (2-16-04)
  Ballet is Not for the Weak (8-10-05)
  Big Brother Points Way to Success (8-27-04)
  Billy Elliot and the Kids (5-10-06)
  Boy lands on his feet in dance competition (7-15-04)
  Boys Have Ball with Ballet (3-08-04)
  Boys of Ballet – A Scarce, Precious Commodity (7-26-04)
  Daimohk Chechen Children’s Dance Ensemble (7-19-04)
  Hull Pipe Fitter’s Son Wowed the West End (5-14-05)
  Leaping Beyond Attitudes – Ballet Academy Gives Boys a Class of Their Own (9-24-06)
  Leaping His Way to the Intl. Ballet Competition (4-28-04)
  Like Father, Like Son (12-12-05)
  Only 15, Roberto Cisneros is Already a Marvel (1-03-04)
  Pint-Size Pros (12-11-05)
  Royal Ballet Coaching for Boy Dancer (7-14-06)
  Student Snapshots – The Boys of Ballet
  The Proof of His Passion was in the Popcorn (3-09-06)
  The Young Prince of Dance – Isaac Hernandez (6-2006)
  These Boys Have Fun Dancing (11-30-05)
  Trading Touchdowns for Ballet Shoes (3-01-06)
  Two Boys Play Clara’s Annoying Brother Fritz in Local Nutcrackers (12-11-06)
  Two of a Kind – But a World of Difference (4-9-04)
  What Dance Means to Ghaleb and to Whitney (2004)
  Young Area Male Dancers Are Too Rare (5-24-05)
  Young Ballet Dancer Headed to NYC (4-19-04)
  Young Ballet dancers put their best feet forward (6-6-05)
  Young Gymnast Leaps to the Ballet Stage (12-13-06)
  Youngsters Enjoy the Fun of Irish Dancing (3-14-04)
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