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George Balanchine Brought Serious Ballet to the US (2004) (Doc)
Ballet competition given mixed marks (Prix de Lausanne)
Confessions of a Boy Dancer by Rhee Gold (November 2001)
Baryshnikov Packs Up His Memories in Boxes (10-05-11)
Foreign stars of Russian ballet (1-05-14)
Isaac Hernandez seeks to change image of ballet in Mexico (8-27-12)
Lords of Dance (Orlando Ballet 3-10-04) (Doc)
Ballet For Boys
Attracting Boys to Ballet is Still a Challenge (11-29-09)
Boys don’t dance … or do they? (12-11-10)
Boys at the Barre, Examining the Psychological Issues of Adolesent Male Dancers (2004) (Doc)
Boys’ Ballet Class Stresses Athletics (2-27-94) (Doc)
Boys in ballet still facing stigma, but stereotypes are fading (11-20-12)
“Dancers aren’t treated the same way as varsity athletes”: Student advocates for Male Ballet Dancers (1-27-14)
The Father’s Role: Support Your Dancin’ Boy
How to Take Audition Photos of Your Dancin’ Boy
Is The Joffrey Right for Your Son? How to Choose a Style and Company
Let’s Hear It For the Boys – Boys’ Ballet Class Lets Boys Be Boys While
Building Strength and Flexibility
(9-08-06) (Doc)
Sacrificing childhood to ballet (2-14-13)
Studying Male Ballet Roles Helps Boys Become Better Ballet Dancers
Jefferson Baum, John Grensback and José Mateo on Teaching Boys
The European Ballet Apprenticeship and How to Make it Successful
To Dance Like A Man: Triplets In Havana (12-01-12)
Wilhelm Burmann Talks About How Boys Can Succeed as Dancers
Why boys should dance (9-14-11)
Young male dancers learn as they grow (11-06-12)
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Ballet for Athletes
Ballet is Attracting More Boys
Boy Dancers are Gaining Credibility
Boys-Only Ballet Class
Boys’ Programs
From Student to Star
Russian American Foundation
Training and Education
ABT: The ideal male dance partner (6-09-08)
Ballet Training for Athletes(Doc)
Building Strength (8-31-11)
CPYB Men’s Program Instructional How-To Videos
Dancer Keeps in Shape With Leaps and Bounds (2006) (Doc)
Dance Nutrition (PDF File)
In Praise of Beats  How can we bring batterie back to its former glory?
The Magic of Mime (October 2011)
Mark Foehringer on Preparing a Dancin’ Boy for the Professional Dance World
Men at Work: Dance Training and Strengthening Upper Body  (PDF)
Stretching Before Class(Doc)
The Boy Ballet Dancer featuring Finis Jhung and Joseph Harringon
The Importance of Water to the Dancer(Doc)
The Warm-Up Before Class(Doc)
Young dancers learn to build their bone health (2007) (Doc)
Your Son’s Dance Education (Duncan Cooper, 2009)
Physiological Challenges of the Adolescent Dancer (PDF)
Puberty and the Growth Spurt in Dancers (Doc)
Videos (Additional videos may be found here.)
Boys and Ballet YouTube Channel
Bolshoi Ballet Academy 7th Grade Character Dance Exam (video)
Bolshoi Ballet Academy Year 6 Pas de Deux Class (video)
CPYB Men’s Program Instructional How-To Videos
Level IV/V Mens Class at PNB
Interview with Siphe November  Siphe November, 14,  is from Montague,South Africa and a student at Canada’s National Ballet School.
Mikhail Baryshnikov and Rudolf Nureyev (videos)
L’ecole de ballet, Opera de Paris(3)
So That the People will Applaud  2001 documentary gives us a peak at how boys are trained in Russia
To Dance Like A Man’ triplets in Cuba aspire to ballet
The Boy Ballet Dancer featuring Finis Jhung and Joseph Harringon
The Perm Ballet School
Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet Exams (Videos)
How to Attract More Boys to Your School
Barre None (5-01-07) (Doc)
Boy Crazy: Building a program for boys (3-04-14)
Calling All Boys (March 2006)
Dance for Sports – Fancy Footwork Off the Field (1987) (Doc)
Encouraging Boys to Dance (4-26-08)
Getting Boys to Dance (04-17-11)
Helping Boys Make The Leap to Ballet (6-22-07) (Doc)
How Teachers Might Attract More Boys(Doc)
How a Ballet Program in Rural WA Attracts and Trains Male Dancers
How to Bring More Boys Into Your Dance Class(Doc)
Huge Rise in Boys Taking Dance (UK, 03-14-09)
Introducing New Generations to Ballet (SAB 2002) (PDF)
Where the Boys Are (SAB 2002) (PDF File)
Where the Boys Aren’t (3-08-04) (Doc)
Where the boys are: Francois Perron talks about getting boys into dance class and keeping them there (July 2010)
Tuition Subsidies Help Draw Boys (10-27-05) (Doc)
Aaron Robison Follows in Nureyev’s Dance Steps (12-04-09)
Alexander Burton is grand jété-ing into a brave new world (3-08-12)
All the World’s a Stage (Sergei Polunin) (10_29-10)
‘Bad boy’ becomes global sensation (Rasta Thomas) (11-9-08)
‘Ballet dancers – we’re tougher than we look’ (Edward Watson)
Ballet’s men step out of the shadows (Ivan Putrov) (1-15-12)
“Men are no longer just princes – they can be anything.”
Billy Elliott of the shearing shed (Luke Ingham) (2-22-09)
Born to dance (David McAllister, Australian Ballet) (2-19-12)
Brooklyn Mack Brings magic to ballet (2-04-14)
Carlos Acosta: From pauper to prince (12-15-12)
Dancing the silver dream (Australian Ballet’s Kevin Jackson) (03-04-10)
David Hallberg leaps from ABT to the Bolshoi (11-03-11)
The Golden Guys of NYCB (September 2011)
How to get my job: ballet dancer (Kevin Gaël Thomas) (12-9-10)
In Depth – National Ballet’s Rex Harrington (2003) (Doc)
Interview with Darren Christian McIntyre (2009)
Interview with Ricardo Cervera (1-28-13)
Interview with Robert Parker, Principal, Birmingham Royal Ballet (2010)
Interview with Stephane Bullion, Paris Opera Ballet (2009)
Interview with Steven Heathcote, Australian Ballet (2004) (Doc)
Interview With Jacques d’Amboise(Doc)
An interview with Luis Javier Fuentes (12-27-10)
An Interview with SFB Principal Dancer Tiit Helimets (4-20-11)
Jared Angle dances his way to the top, keeps striving (4-07-13)
Life in the fast lane: Steven McRae (10-21-09)
Rudy Hawkes’ journey to The Australian Ballet (2-09-14)
Teddy Kumakawa on life as a maturing virtuoso (2-01-13)
The Dancer is Young, the Soul is Old (Tyler Angle) (1-23-09)
The Flier – NYCB’s Daniel Ulbricht (June 2008)
The Rising Star of the Cuban Ballet: Osiel Gounod (9-07-13)
What dreams are made of – NBT’s Jonathan Ollivie (2004) (Doc)
This is not a complete list. Use the search box to find other schools
A look into Russian ballet’s education powerhouse (10-12-10)
Applying for Early Admission at SAB (9-17-06) (Doc)
At New Brookline Ballet School, Boys Can Be Boys (6-04-10)
Bolshoi Ballet Academy: An All-Encompassing Opportunity (2-02-13)
Ballet Boys, Danish Style (1-11-04) (Doc)
Ballet San Jose to focus on recruiting, training male dancers (2-12-14)
Ballet not just for girls at Tampa program (Patel Conservatory) (02-10-11)
Boston Ballet’s community outreach program, CityDance, gives a talented male athlete a life in the arts (12-14-10)
Breaking Down Barriers (Peabody Dance Training Program for Boys) (2010)
The Boys of Ballet (Oregon Ballet Academy) (10-10-10)
How to Choose a Ballet School for Your Son (2009)
Inside The Vaganova Academy (April 2010)
Orlando Ballet School – The Place for Young Male Dancers (12-09-07) (Doc)
Orlando Ballet School Attracts Young Male Dancers (12-09-07) (Doc)
PNBs DanceChance is a turning point for young dancers (11-29-12)
Profile:School of American Ballet (2012 Video)
Russian Bar Remains High (8-14-05) (Doc)
Strictly Come Ballet Dancing (Royal Ballet School) (July 2009)
Student life at the renown Vaganova Ballet Academy (8-10-08)
The French Have a School For It (12-12-04) (Doc)
The Royal Danish Theatre Ballet School (5-04) (Doc)
Walker steps up in ballet at the National Ballet School (10-28-09)
Summer Intensives
Bolshoi Ballet Academy: An All-Encompassing Opportunity (2-02-13)
Five Weeks of Ballet Lessons, the Bolshoi Way (7-27-08) (Doc)
How to Prepare for a Summer Intensive (Rasta Thomas, 2009)
Is the School of American Ballet Summer Intensive Right for Your Son?
U.S. Dance Students Back from Bolshoi with New Insights on Russia
When to Send Your Son to a Summer Dance Intensive (2-04-13)
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Anatomy of a dancer (Illustration by Chloe Cushman,National Post, from self-portrait by Aleksandar Antonijevic)

Ballet Stretches that can benefit dancers and athletes (photos by Andrew Shimabuku)b

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