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  My son and his friends have trawled the internet looking for stories about boys. They have chosen these article for you to read.

  For easy download, right click on link and
choose “save target as.”
  All Documents are Microsoft Word.
  A Family who Dances Together (12-06-07)
  A leap into a life of dance (4-29-07)
  Alone in the crowd; Playing the Nutcracker Prince in a Sea of Ballerinas (12-10-07)
  Aspirations of sugarplums dance in his head (12-13-07)
  Ballet Beckons for 13 Year Old Jamie Nix (2-23-07)
  Ballet prodigy’s Family makes Sacrifice (12-09-07)
  Devon Lodge on Point for Walnut Hill School (8-31-07)
  Devon’s Billy Elliot, Oliver Taylor (8-09-07)
  Fairytale Beginning for Boy Ballet dancer (12-06-07)
  For Boys, Ballet is every Bit as Good as Football (3-18-07)
  Ivan Vasiliev – the Boy Who Can Fly (7-14-07)
  Keeping the Nutcracker Party Coed (8-19-07)
  Local teenager off to National Ballet School (8-27-07)
  Orlando Ballet School attracts young male dancers (12-09-07)
  Orlando Ballet School – The Place for Young Male Dancers
  Passion to Dance is a Surge of Electricity (Oliver Taylor, 2007)
  San Anselmo youth overcomes teasing to pursue his passion for dance (11-30-07)
  Skate boarding hoodie becomes real life Billy Elliot after winning Royal Ballet place
  The Path less traveled (4-27-07)
  ThirteenYear-old Tour de force Kiril Kulish altering the misconception of boys in ballet, music and ballroom (9-27-07)
  What a ballet good show boys (10-23-07)
  Young dancer sets his sights on Broadway (2-16-07)
  Young Siblings From Iowa Learn to Shine (6-02-07)
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