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Amari Webb-Martin, 12, has been dancing since he was three (Newham Recorder) 2016


By Kat Hopps
Newham Recorder
April 12, 2016


[London, England] – Amari Webb-Martin, of Chichester Close, successfully auditioned for a role in Little Lord Fauntleroy, which runs for four nights at Peacock Theatre from Thursday, April 21.

The Kingsford Community School pupil, who has been dancing since he was about three, was one of 60 children out of 600 in total to get a part.

He said: “I’m having the best time at London Children’s Ballet and I am looking forward to the opening night. Being a part of this ballet production is fantastic and I think all boys should be able to pirouette, leap and glissade!”

The young twinkle-toed performer won several ensemble parts in the production including a hot dog seller, Earl’s Court dancer and church goer.

Prior to winning the role, he performed in theatre production Treasure at Finsborough Theatre, danced at the O2 and even sang in a teen pop band that appeared on Britian’s Got Talent

Amari is also accomplished in tap, modern, contemporary and acro dance.

Mum Kelley Webb-Martin said she was very proud of her son’s “determination, dedication and humility”, especially as he has often had to accept rejection for roles along the way.

She said: “He works very hard and he is one of these humble people who does his best.”

The Kerry Jane Academy Of Dance student officially started dance lessons aged three but first learnt his moves on the dance floor at just 18 months old, when he would watch his sister, Zakira Webb-Martin, 14, perform in dance classes at the same school in East Ham.

Kelley said: “I had to run to the shop and I left him with the dance people and he sat up and watched all the people. He then started to walk and he just started to go on to the dance school.”

The mum-of-two added that Amari “still loves it” and is undeterred by any social pressures that he may face along the way.

She said: “You do not see many boys who do step and modern dance so it is really brave of him to something really classical. Boys doing ballet isn’t as popular as other dances but I’m pleased that he continues to pursue and enjoy it.”


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